Re: Pohick Library and other Library info

Debbie Winfield

I was happy with Pohick.

On Monday, November 4, 2019, 09:21:00 AM EST, Anthony G. Radzimoski via Groups.Io <agradzi@...> wrote:

Other than the initial limited availability of chairs and tables, is there any feedback on the Pohick Library from last weekend?  Specifically, why should we never go there again?

Are there any major objections and valid reasons why we should not have a meeting at the Great Falls library?

As a reminder, Fairfax county will begin tax services at many library locations beginning in January.
This will make things difficult to schedule again, and you should expect unpopular locations to be the only option.
Sponsored organizations will be shifted to other locations which makes our options less than they already are.

Chantilly library has specifically told me that we will not be approved for meetings because we are not a 501.c organization.

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