Re: LugBulk 2020


Hi Bret
Can you please add my name ( Todd Salter ) to the list and Ed kohl ( he
has not signed up for groups I.O yet so he is not getting any of these
messages )\
Thanks for your time.


On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 1:16 PM Bret Harris <harris.bret@...> wrote:

The list I have is below. Submission will be tomorrow night. If you are
not on this list and want to participate, please contact me ASAP:

Suzanne Spector
Magnus Lauglo
Ben Spector
Richard Schamus
Jeffrey Fishman
Glennys Warsocki
Timothy Warsocki
Gary S. Brooks
Dene Quest
Adam Quest
Bret Harris
Sherry Harris
Brooke Harris
Jason Wolfson
Frank Winfield
John Gondol
Nick Kappatos
Kara Manton
Dan Rubin
Sunny Nieh
Diane Garrison
Anthony Radzimoski
Joshua Hamilton
Matthew Taylor
Kenneth Rice
Paul Neureiter
Caitlin Franzmeir
Casey Mungle
John M. Rudy
Kevin Loch

Thanks. Bret

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