Re: NASM Air and Scare 2022

Daniel Rubin

Thanks Jason!  Will you be able to be there the whole time (or a bit before, to get the brick setup)?


On Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 11:21 PM Jason Wolfson <jtwolfson@...> wrote:
I have some of the bricks for the pit. I'll see what else I can bring theme wise...

Thanks for the info!


On Tue, Sep 27, 2022, 8:07 PM Daniel Rubin <happyweasel@...> wrote:
Hi folks!

We are go for Air and Scare again this year.  It is  Sat Oct 29. 10am – 3 pm.

We will be set up inside the museum this year (the event is hybrid indoor/outdoor).  The museum requests that we limit our display models to halloween or museum related topics (basically what they said last year, too).

The museum also requests that we bring back the brick pit.

Please let me know if you plan to attend.  If so, please let me know what you intend to display (approximately), about how much space it needs, and if you intend to stay for the full duration.  Also, if you'll be attending and have club brick, please let me know, and let me know if you can bring it to the event.

Related, the museum is also looking for volunteers to help out with various other activities that day.  If anyone is interested in doing that, let me know, and I'll get you more info.



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