Lugbulk 2023

Bret Harris

For anyone not receiving the email from me:

If you wish to participate in LUGBULK, please submit the following information to me by November 9th (families may submit in a single email).


Name of the member participating and age (I also need an email address per family for me to use in communication with you.)


Make sure this is an email address you actually monitor/check/respond to.


On Nov 10th, I will post a list of all persons who have signed up the . 24 hours later I will close the list, which gives me enough time to format and submit to Lego.


This means you are also agreeing to the rules below. Some of them are different from previous years.


Important change:   When you submit your order in February, you will be required to send an estimated payment to me by check/money order/cash. When I receive the final exact invoice before shipping, you will then be told how much is needed to settle up.



Each participating community member must be must be 18 years old or older.


The bulk order through the LEGO LUGBULK Program is offered solely for the personal use of the Recognized community members.


·         Elements purchased through the LEGO LUGBULK program are under no circumstances to be resold or given to the general public.


·         Any activity involving commercial use of the bricks purchased through LUGBULK is forbidden. These activities could be but are not limited to: paid workshops, paid exhibitions, MOC´s sale, Bricklink elements sale, sale of “homemade” LEGO art, etc.


CONFIDENTIALITY – Individual LEGO element prices viewable in the distributed spreadsheet are confidential and are to be restricted to Recognized Community members who are participating in the program.


LUGBULK cannot be advertised in public forums or be utilized with the purpose of recruiting new members. The LUGBULK program is not made to attract new members who can buy LEGO elements at a discounted price. This program is a privilege we offer to recognized communities and their active members.


 A member belonging to more than 1 recognized community can ONLY sign up with one community. If a member signs up with 2 communities or more, he or she will automatically be out of the program.


o Should any LEGO elements be undeliverable, they will automatically be removed from the order list and deducted from the final invoice


o No replacements or substitutions can be requested as the order is finalized after submission


The invoice created is based upon the total value of the order and the appropriate shipping fee (13% outside the European Union).

The maximum order amount per participating community member is 235 Euro’s


Due to the large quantities and intent of the program, the elements are picked in bulk quantities.

A discrepancy of 5% more or less elements is to be expected and taken in consideration by all the members participating in the program and ordering bulk elements through LUGBULK. Any deviation of 5% or less will not be replaced, compensated, or refunded.

If more than 5% of one element is missing in the order, a claim can be made through Lego no later than 60 days after receiving the order.

These claims will be handled once all the LUGBULK orders of the year are processed.


Bret Harris (Ambassador)


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