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Hi John,

What do you enjoy? Do you collect sets, do you build your own MOCs, do you enjoy trains or mechanisms, do you like space/castle/Star Wars, etc?

On Mon, Nov 7, 2022 at 10:49 PM John Scott <johnstelmack@...> wrote:
Hello All!

My name is John Stelmack and I am an Adult Fan of LEGO. I began my love of LEGO as a young lad in the 1970s with several sets. I stored them all away as a young adult and pulled them out for my son to play with 15 years ago. I funded his enjoyment of LEGO through his mid teens and then caught the bug again myself four years ago. I fully dove back into the hobby and have grown my collection emmensely since then. I belong to several AFOL Facebook groups, but have been looking for local groups. I've made a few international AFOL friends through them.

I heard about LUG groups while visiting the Potomac Mills store this weekend, which landed me here. I'm looking forward to seeing what this group is about and participating as my availability allows. I currently work full time and volunteer at the Nokesville Volunteer Fire Dpeartment and Rescue Squad, where I've been a member for the past 19 years.


John StelmackĀ 

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