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Charles Smith, 29

On Thu, Nov 10, 2022 at 12:24 PM, Antonette
<Antonette.e.russell@...> wrote:
And Antonette Russell PLEASE!!! Thank you!

On Thu, Nov 10, 2022 at 10:05 AM Bret Harris <harris.bret@...> wrote:
On Nov 10th, I will post a list of all persons who have signed up. 24 hours later I will close the list, which gives me enough time to format and submit to Lego.

Here is everyone I have heard from.
Dallas Griswold
Magnus Lauglo
Suzanne Spector
Ben Spector
Dan Rubin 
Sunny Nieh 
Diane Garrison 
Hamilton Whitney
Mike Warsocki
Benjamin Warsocki
Paul Neureiter
Kenneth Rice
Nicholas (Ben) Bond
Brent Everitt
Julian Chesterman
Matthew Taylor
Evan Melick
Jonathan Hou
Brian Carter
Sabih Zaman
James Walther
Joshua J. Hamilton
Matthew Vanden Boogart
Nick Kappatos
Kara Manton
Miles Ketchum
Bret Harris
Sherry Harris
Brooke Harris
Martin Sherene
Dana Meyrow
Linda Schamus 
Anthony Radzimoski
John Shue
Alex van der Kleut
Frank Winfield
Andres Behrens
Jennifer Von Willer
Caitlin Franzmeier
James Wrigglesworth
Kevin Loch
Gary Brooks
Casey Mungle

Antonette E. Russell, SHRM-SCP

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