Holiday display at Brickmania #event

Ben Rome

Hello all!
The Chantilly Brickmania store manager Chris reached out to us to see if we'd like to have some displays set up in their store for the holiday season. He's providing space at either the front or back of store (largely depending on how many displays we commit, plus power needs) that will be cordoned off. 
They currently have eight 6ftx2.5ft that we can utilize, and tables will have coverings.
As long as about half of the displays are holiday themed, we can display anything we'd like. Keep in mind that these will be roped off, but not attended with a constant presence.
Setup would occur the first week of December and pickup after the New Year. Setup is basically just bringing in your display and setting it up yourself in the space. We'd just need to coordinate footprints, so that no one is crowded out.
If you are interested, sound off here or in Discord; you can email me directly (or DM me on Discord). I will NOT be at the meeting tomorrow (I'm currently in Chicago). I don't need to necessarily know WHAT you're bringing, but if you would definitly like to display and the approximate size.
If you have additional questions, shoot them to me. I've been asking Chris in batches, and he's been great with responding in a timely manner.
I'd like to let him know this week if we are going to do this. I think if it goes over well, we may be able to do this on a longer-term basis and rotate out displays.

~Ben H. Rome

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