[Owner] [WamalugPublic] Lego installation at The Watergate Hotel

Norman Roldan

Likewise! 😊


On Nov 6, 2022, at 19:43, Jason Wolfson <jtwolfson@...> wrote:

Count me in. Thanks

On Sun, Nov 6, 2022, 7:38 PM Joshua Hamilton via groups.io <joshjhamilton=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:
I can coordinate a call with them, to see what they are looking for and see if it’s reasonable.   Going to shoot for something in the next few days, via Zoom.

Anyone else who would like to be on the call, let me know.

Joshua J. Hamilton
337-772-9054 (mobile)

Joshua Hamilton

Got it. I just sent a message to Heather, asking to coordinate a call early this week. I suggested meeting via Zoom to enable some of our interested members to participate.

The main questions that I’d like to start with are:

- What are they wanting to build? A model of the Watergate itself, or something more holiday-themed?
- When do they want it completed?
- What is their budget?

What other questions should we address at the first meeting?

Joshua J. Hamilton
337-772-9054 (mobile)

Robert Gurskey

Who gets the brick after the event? If WAMALUG is providing brick/MOCs, what kind of security will there be?

Constantine Hannaher

She's back, looking for something for PRIDE month (June) at The Darcy hotel in D.C. Joshua, you should have received a cc: this evening.