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Amber Niblock

I am reposting my original message in case anyone else hasn't read it yet. This is a follow-up to see what day THIS WEEK would work best for everyone for the WAMALUG Happy Hour! The time for all the days is 5 PM and you can select as many days as you are available. Original message below:

Hello AFOLS! Would anyone be interested in doing a weekly or every-other-week zoom themed happy hour meeting? I thought it would be fun to do our own happy hour version of LEGO Masters. This is the format I was thinking but of course, would be totally flexible and open to better ideas on any of them or more ideas on how to expand upon them:

  • First one would be Tuesday at 5 pm
  • It would last 2 hours so you'd want to sign in right at 5pm to really participate!
  • upon signing in, you would be prompted with a question asking you to submit an idea, topic, place, thing, etc. that we should compete to build while on the call. 
  • after 10-15 minutes we would pick one of the topics submitted, either randomly or just by what's most interesting to everyone or makes everyone laugh (these topics would NOT have to be PG- unless there is some kind of WAMALUG rule that we have to keep things PG but I am actually stealing this idea from some of you who told me you all do something similar to this at the August Brickfair!)
  • each person works on their build throughout the rest of the happy hour build—still talking about anything we want like at the regular meetings.
  • and at the end of the call, we each reveal what we were able to make in that short amount of time (Obviously they wouldn't be as good as if we had a lot of time but I think that's why it would be funny too)
  • the winner is chosen by vote (and you can't vote for yourself) and the winner wins the ultimate ULTIMATE prize in life—bragging rights (or we don't have to choose a winner at all, either way)

And I'm sure it will take its own form if we make this a regular thing. This would be meant to be totally chill and fun. Just an excuse to do some simple LEGO-ing and share a drink amongst friends! And be able to get some of the other people who can't make the weekend calls another opportunity to get their WAMALUG fix! And if anyone wants to join and not do the challenge, they will be in charge of taking on the role of Will Arnett by distracting each of us while we are building and making lots of bad dad jokes. If we really wanted to make it a happy hour too, we could always make someone have to take a sip of their drink every time they add an "s" to the end of LEGO or something else silly like that. 

Please respond and let me know if you are interested so I know if we should plan one for this Tuesday or not!


Amber Niblock
(615) 626-4642


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