Wamalug Upcoming Meetings and Events

Anthony G. Radzimoski


May 2020:
- May 9, Saturday, CANCELED.  The Wamalug monthly meeting has been CANCELED as a result of library closures and government distancing orders. 
- May 9, Saturday:  ONLINE.  An optional alternative online Zoom meeting will be made available to Wamalug participants.

June 2020:
- June 6, Saturday, 10AM-5PM:  Space for the Wamalug monthly meeting has been reserved at the George Mason Regional Library: 7001 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003.

July 2020:
- July 11, Saturday, 10AM-5PM:  Space for the Wamalug monthly meeting has been reserved at the Kingstowne Library: 6500 Landsdowne Centre Drive, Alexandria, VA 22315.



- For WamaLTC displays and activities, please visit:

- The Wamalug calendar is available online at:



You can subscribe to the Wamalug calendar directly through your favorite digital device.  
Using the below ics feed you can populate Wamalug events on most calendar apps. It has been tested with iOS and Android.  
Instructions for iOS and Android are readily available online. Feel free to contact me if you have difficulties connecting. 

-Anthony R.

Anthony G. Radzimoski


I wanted to give you a little situational awareness on the library calendar so we all understand what the next several months might look like.

- We have space reserved in June and July, which is subject to obvious cancellation.

- Fairfax County has now shut off the rolling reservation system for meeting rooms.  I cannot even look 90 days out and attempt to reserve a space.  Normally, next weekend would be when I look for August space.

- Some libraries have already cancelled events into August and September. 

- Likely, meeting space will be the last operation to resume.  When it does resume, we need to be prepared for new occupancy limitations.

While there is much uncertainty surrounding when we will be able to gather in ways that we are familiar with, I am very certain that we will creatively find ways to enjoy our hobby together despite the limiting factors of current events.

Anthony R.