Zoom Meeting for April 11, 2020 12PM-2PM ET

Anthony G. Radzimoski

Hopefully no one needs to be reminded that there is no Library meeting this weekend.  For those that would like to participate, I have configured a Zoom meeting for this Saturday from 12PM-2PM ET.  

You can retrieve the connection information on Facebook here:
Or, I will send it to you Saturday morning if you register here:
The connection settings will not be published in the public domain.

As the widespread use of Zoom has been progressing, it would appear that you must now either download the App to enter the connection details, or register for a free account to login through your browser without an app; if you want video.  I have turned on the dial-in option if you want to participate via audio only.  Lurkers are welcome, but if everyone chooses to lurk it will get very boring very fast.

From those that connected last weekend, I have turned on co-host features and would appreciate if someone could assist with having those escalated abilities.  

As previously stated, I have set this up as just something to do and no one should feel obligated to participate.  We are not an online LUG.

-Anthony R.